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  1. Sesame Street video games are back!

    January 20, 2010 by David

    What happens when you grow up playing video games? Well, for one you think of them as just another part of your life and secondly, if you start having kids you probably make video games that your little ones will enjoy.
    From ABC News:

    “There’s a big open hole in the market,” said Russell Arons, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment senior vice president of marketing. “This is the first generation of parents who grew up as gamers. Unlike prior generations where people weren’t sure of the value of video games, these are people who know there’s value and fun for the whole family.”

    So maybe all it’s going to take for more big name educational video games to be made is for gamers to grow up and have kids.

    [Article on ABC]

    [Image from Family-123]