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  1. A Big-Picture Approach to Teaching Media Literacy

    April 12, 2011 by Josh Caldwell

    I’m currently working on Media/Information Literacy with my freshmen; it’s one of my favorite units because it is both constantly changing yet always pertinent. This is my third time through, and every time around I’ve approached the topic from a different angle. I’ve got enough material to do a full year-long class, so it’s always a challenge to pare it down to the essentials.

    This year I’ve decided go for a broad overview with a culminating research project that asks students to teach a chosen topic more in-depth. Hopefully, this will let me broach more subjects than in the past, while giving the students an opportunity to pursue¬†further¬†learning in areas that really interest them. Provided here are some of the resources and activities I’ve tried out in this unit. I’ll update this list as I go along. (more…)

  2. PBS Survey: More Teachers Using Digital Media

    January 20, 2010 by David

    Is this a good thing?

    The study says that:

    K-12 teachers most frequently use the Internet to find games and activities for students, followed by professional development resources, and lastly for collecting images. [From Digital Education]

    But my main question is, “What kind of games?” or, “Which games and activities?” Nevermind that they are using the internet for collecting images. That’s just the 21st century version of looking through old copies of magazines your teacher collected and cutting out pictures.

    Full study at

  3. If digital media consumption in teens was a stock, I’d buy

    January 19, 2010 by David

    Why should we use digital media in schools? Hmm, maybe because kids are using it EVERY OTHER SECOND THEY’RE AWAKE.

    You know, just maybe.

    [Via the NY Times]