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Still Alive

September 14, 2011 by Josh Caldwell

the cake is a lie

It’s been far too long since last my last update, but believe me, I am still alive (bonus points if you’re hearing GLaDOS in your head right now). Over the last few months I’ve started several posts, and finished not a single one of them. I’ve had a lot of ideas percolating for a while, and it seems that every time I sit down to write I get distracted by something other piece of the puzzle that I feel should be looked into first, but no more! Getting back in the classroom with students has not only inspired me, but given me that chance to put some theories to the test, and I’ve got plenty to be excited about; in the upcoming days, weeks and months stay tuned for posts about topics including:

  • My deep tech-crush on Edmodo (badges, quizzes, PLNs and much more)
  • How I’m honing behavioral Kung Fu with Class Dojo (gamified classroom management)
  • Hopes that I’ve found my rubric holy grail in ForAllRubrics (sweet interactive rubrics w/iPad support)
  • My (mis)adventures in SBG (and, hopefully, ActiveGrade)
  • The joy-terror of teaching a brand-spanking-new gamified Computer Tech course without a net
  • Doing generally awesome things with a magical hand-help happiness device, or iPad
  • Oh, and I’m still teaching without a classroom of my own…

I almost feel bad posting such a contentless post after such a long absence, but I’m hoping that by putting these topics in writing, I’ll feel more compelled to actually write the posts.

Look at me still talking when there’s Science to do…

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